I am portrait & music photographer based in Berlin. Two vast spaces: that of music and of photography are interconnecting in my life. I work with musicians and artists to help create their distinct visual identities.
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You make an impact with whatever you do, even if you choose to do nothing. You cause the reaction of that person standing in front of you. I'm curious what's going to happen during the photoshoot, without expectations. I used to think that as a photographer and highly sensitive person I was able to find the truth about people or guess who they were. Over time, I realised it's impossible - even though I have this unique opportunity to observe you through my lens - it's only a piece of you that I can 'touch', and not more.

Everybody is me

So who are you? This question will always remain open. Do YOU even know who you really are? So how can I know? I get a piece of your story, a tiny bit of you. I am interested to see the effect of this energy created by you and me during the photoshoot. Every portrait is my auto portrait, every you is also every me.